Don't you worry your pretty little mind, people throw rocks at things that shine.



My mother says that fanfiction doesn’t count as reading because “it isn’t nearly as good as the stuff that’s published. You’re not going to find something online that will win a Booker Prize.”
Please reblog if you count fan fiction as reading, or if the fanfiction you’ve read is equally as good as published novels. I want to see the figures.

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“I’m making my 5th record now, you have to change things up, you have to explore different corners of music as much as you can. It’s been a big goal of mine to never make two albums that sounded the same. I really want my fans to be able to be like ‘Oh that song? Clearly thats from the Fearless album’, ‘No that one, that one was from Red’ and so I’m in the process of doing that thing all over again for my 5th album and it’s amazing to be in the studio and to be songwriting again and be honored for songwriting tonight.” — Taylor Swift on her 5th album

this is the golden age of something good & right & real…

in red lipstick with no one to impress

Taylor + Fashion: Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show [2013]

“Well, the way it works, as I’ve learned recently, is if you reach a certain point in your career where things are going very well, public perception needs a ‘Yeah, but.’ Like, ‘Yeah, but she’s been on lots of dates apparently.’ ‘Yeah, but I hear she’s crazy.’ I think you’ll find it has a lot to do with being a woman. And I resent that. That there has to be some downside to your personality or lifestyle if you’re a woman and successful. But I’m not gonna say to my guy friends ‘No, I can’t go to lunch because people will say we’re dating.’ I just reject the idea. I have to change the way I live my life.”

Taylor Swift talking about Prince William (x)


our job as a fan is to support them not control their life